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First Orchid Farm Visit

This is just going to be really quick because I’m posting from my iPhone, but I have to share my excitement. I got to visit an orchid farm yesterday! I went to Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, and it was absolute heaven. So overwhelming…orchids everywhere.

I’ll do a proper post when I return home but I wanted to share a couple pics now.

Happy Friday the 13th!



Manhattan’s Garden District is Orchid Mecca

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I didn’t even know that Manhattan had a Garden District until a fellow orchid-loving friend recently enlightened me. Yesterday morning I found myself in midtown Manhattan for a doctor’s appointment and decided that I would check out the Garden District afterward, as it was nearby. And behold, I found a whole slew of garden shops on W. 28th St. between 6th and 7th Aves – some of which almost exclusively sell orchids! Holy moly, was I in heaven!!

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