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Tips on Caring for a Sick Orchid

Exhibit A: wrinkled, limp, yellowing leaf

A few of the most common questions I hear from readers are:

  • “My orchid’s leaves are wrinkled/turning yellow/drooping/falling off, what does this mean?”
  • “My orchid’s roots are brown/mushy/hollow, what should I do?”
  • “My orchid is sick, how do I save it?”

So I thought it was high time I wrote a post with advice on how to nurse an orchid back to health. Please note that these tips specifically refer to Phalaenopsis (aka Moth Orchid) care, because that is the most popular type of household orchid. Also, I’m not going to discuss how to treat orchid pest or viral/bacterial problems in this post…we’ll save those for another day.

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When and How to Stake an Orchid Spike

Fall isn’t traditionally the time of year for new plant growth; fall is the season in which the leaves on many outdoor plants start to turn all manner of fiery colors and drop off. On the other hand, certain types of household orchids, such as the ever-popular Phalaenopsis, often begin to put out spikes in the fall that lead to spectacular blooms in the winter and spring. When left to grown on its own, an orchid spike can become heavy with blooms that droop down over the side of the pot, so I highly recommend staking your orchid’s spike to secure it and to make for a lovely cascading spray of flowers like so:FL_phals

The only materials you’ll need to stake an orchid spike are a bamboo flower stake and some flower clips or twist ties, all of which are readily available in gardening shops, big box home improvement stores, and online. Oh, and a little patience helps too.  🙂 Read more

New! Orchid Care FAQs Page

A cheerful orchid to brighten this chilly day.
A cheerful orchid to brighten this chilly day.

Happy Almost Friday, orchid lovers! Just wanted to drop a brief update here: I’ve added an Orchid Care FAQs tab to the main menu up at the top of my website. I’ve been meaning to collect and organize these blog posts in one location for some time, because I know not everyone can quickly or easily find my blog’s Orchid Beginner Tips category (and I fully admit the category is not super organized once you’ve navigated there).

So here the Orchid Care FAQs are here: click on over to find a list of links to my orchid care tips for newbies.

I hope you find this newly organized hub helpful!

Sign Up for a Free Orchid Care Tips Newsletter!

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There are limitless places on the interwebz where you can seek out information on how to care for orchids. Obviously if you’re reading this you’ve found one such destination, but reading multiple sources will help give you a deeper understanding of what to do with your favorite houseplants. I never rely on just one website when I’m researching what to do with my orchids. So I’d like to recommend another source for getting great, detailed tips and advice on orchid care: sign up for the free Orchids Made Easy newsletter! Ryan “The Orchid Guy” Levesque will bring tons of helpful orchid information straight to your inbox and it won’t cost you a dime.

Just some of the topics that Ryan’s newsletters covers are as follows:

  • How to get your orchid to rebloom
  • What to do do immediately after blooms drop
  • How to identify your orchids so that you can give them the proper care
  • The five most important things to do when you bring an orchid home
  • How to tell if you’re overwatering or underwatering your orchid
  • When and how often to fertilize your orchid
  • How to tell when you should repot your orchid
  • What yellow leaves mean and what to do about them
  • Find out what’s eating or damaging your plant and how to get rid of it

Click here to sign up for Ryan’s newsletter…and enjoy!

Last Day for Green Thumb Club Special Offer!

Have you taken advantage of the Brooklyn Orchids special offer on the Orchids Made Easy Green Thumb Club membership yet? There’s not much time left! The coupon code BKLN13 expires TONIGHT (June 9) at midnight, so you’ve got the rest of the day to sign up and get 50% off of 12 months worth of valuable orchid care lessons. The regular price is $19.95/month but my code is good for $9.95/month for the whole year!

I’ve contributed to these lessons as a co-author, so I can personally vouch for this program. Here’s a recap of what you get when you sign up:

Every week, you’ll receive a new and exciting orchid lesson delivered via email. You’ll access the lesson by following a special private link to a password-protected website. Each lesson covers a fun orchid care topic in step-by-step detail, complete with photos, videos, diagrams and more.

Topics include:

  • Greenhouse growing
  • Making your own fertilizer
  • Repotting
  • Drying and pressing your flowers
  • Growing orchids under lights
  • How to grow on mounts, stumps, & trees
  • Pairing your orchids with their natural “buddies” like African violets, cacti, and carnivorous plants
  • Diagnosing and treating practically every possible pest and disease
  • Plus lessons on how to care for ALL of the most popular varieties including: Phals, Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Vandas, Miltoniopsis, Masdevallias, Brassias, Odontoglossum, Epidendrums, Zygopetalums, and many more.

Click here to sign up for the Green Thumb Club and don’t forget to enter coupon code BKLN13 when you check out! You really don’t want to miss out on this.  🙂

Brooklyn Orchids Featured on Orchids Made Easy

Lil’ ol’ me at an orchid nursery

The wonderful Ryan and Laura over at Orchids Made Easy asked me for an interview (awww, shucks) about how I got into orchids and my blog that you’re reading right now. Of course I agreed to the interview! Read the interview here to find out more about my foray into the world of orchids and how I got started blogging about them. I talk about my favorite orchid, and offer up what in my humble opinion are a couple of the best tips for orchid growing.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ryan and Laura for featuring me and my blog! It’s so great to know that people are actually visiting my site and learning from it in the process. Anything to help out our fellow orchid lovers.  🙂

Oh — and while I’m at it: happy summer to everyone! Hope you all got to enjoy the long weekend and eat some tasty grilled foodstuffs…I know I sure did.

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