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My Recent BBG Visit and Orchid Purchases

One of the best parts of Funemployment is having the opportunity to take advantage of deals like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden‘s Free Winter Weekdays (which ends March 2). Once I discovered I could visit without paying a dime I knew I HAD to go see their orchid collection, which is in bloom between November and March. The orchid collection is located in the Aquatic House portion of the Steinhardt Conservatory, which I had somehow completely bypassed during my previous BBG visits.

So a couple weeks ago I made my way to the BBG, armed with my fully charged digital camera. I was the only visitor inside the Aquatic House at the time and it was so peaceful to have the whole place to myself. The house isn’t all that big, but there are a ton of orchid plants inside and it is definitely tropical in there; I had to take my puffy winter coat off immediately. There were plenty of Vandas in bloom:

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An Orchid Book Collection Grows in Brooklyn

Yesterday I went to a book sale at the Park Slope United Methodist Church and picked up eight books for $9 (!!!).  One of my favorite finds was The Best Orchids for Indoors, part of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden All-Region Guides series. Retail price for this book is $9.95 – though it’s currently on sale for $8.95 here – but I got it for $1.50. That’s right – one dollar and fifty cents worth of orchid-y goodness!

This BBG guide is my third book about orchids. The first one that I purchased is Reader’s Digest Orchids for Every Home by Wilma and Brian Rittershausen. I found it at a craphole bookstore at an outlet mall north of Austin, TX while I was visiting family, and if memory serves me correctly it cost me somewhere between $7-9. Price listed on the inside cover is $27.95, so I got a pretty great deal.  🙂

The second orchid book added to my collection was a holiday gift from my boyfriends’ parents: Bloom-Again Orchids by Judy White. I especially like the way this book presents information on how to care for orchids – very useful for a newbie like me.

I’ve always been a book lover so it makes sense that I’m now starting to pick up some orchid books. I guess it’s all part of the orchid addiction!

Linnean Libation League Drinks at BBG

OK, so this isn’t about orchids, but it IS about a Brooklyn event that sounds super fun. The Linnaean Libation League is throwing a Palm Springs-dedicated, Mad Men-esque cocktail party inside the Desert Pavilion on February 27 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to help beat the winter blues.  Cocktail historian Dave Wondrich will be on hand to celebrate with some classic ’50s and ’60s inspired concoctions.

Tickets are $30 and include two cocktails on the house, plus retro-style hors d’oeuvres. Vintage attire is encouraged. You know how New Yorkers love a good theme party – the $30 is probably worth it just to see the fashions alone!

Don Draper in Palm Springs, Mad Men

If you’re thinking about going, better get your tickets ASAP. I’m sure this one will sell out quickly.

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