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Lush on February 10 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Attention all Brooklyn orchid lovers-slash-party people! On Friday, February 10, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is throwing what sounds like an incredibly fun bash called Lush. The party is being held in the BBG Palm House and will include the following: Live music from boogaloo band Spanglish Fly (I actually have no idea what


Link Change Announcement: Is Here!

I have some exciting news! Exciting to me, anyway. You may or may not have noticed that my blog has begun redirecting to a different URL. That’s because I now have my very own site: My blog looks basically the same as before, only now I have my own URL minus


My First New Bloom of 2012

Just a bit more than two weeks into 2012 and I have the first new bloom of the year! It’s a pretty little Phal that I bought at Trader Joe’s, probably about a year ago. This is one of the orchids that I’ve been experimenting on with Keiki Grow Paste. I’ve already