Keiki Removal and Potting Day!

I last posted an update on my Phalaenopsis orchid keiki grow experiment on September 1—almost three months ago! Since then many of the keikis have been growing quite nicely, developing roots (and, surprisingly, even a couple of spikes!) and today I decided it was high time to remove some of them and pot them on their own.

The first keiki had sprouted two good roots about three inches in lengths, along with a couple other new roots and a spike! I figured the spike was a sign that this guy was definitely ready for its own pot. The mother plant has her own spike as well.

Nice healthy phal keiki with spike

Here’s what the keiki looked like after I removed it with a sterile razor blade:

Phal keiki + spike

And here’s how it looked after I potted it in its very own pot:

All on its own for the very first time

When I went to remove a keiki from the next orchid, I found that there were actually two separate plants that might make it on their own, so I removed them both and potted them individually:

A whole mess of keikis on this Phal

The big keiki after being liberated from its mother

Smaller of the two keikis

Bigger of the two keikis

The last keiki that I removed had some decently long roots and, upon closer inspection, a spike.

Keiki ready to tackle the world on its own

Baby orchid with roots and a small spike

This baby has its own home now

One thing to note is that I applied some cinnamon to the cut surfaces on each mother plant and each keiki. I’ve mentioned using cinnamon before because it is a natural fungicide and should help keep bacteria and nasty things from settling in.

So, we’ll see how these guys do. Some advice that I learned after googling how to remove a keiki was that you should keep the newly potted keiki in a semi-shady spot and mist it to keep up the humidity level. I placed all four of these babies on the top shelf in my orchid room away from the glare of the sun. I’ll keep you up to date as these little ones develop!

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