Honeymoon in Italy: Orchid Spotting

My husband and I returned from our belated honeymoon a couple weeks ago, but it feels like we were in Italy just yesterday! We took a two week trip that was sorely needed, and it did not disappoint. Not to mention, I was pleasantly surprised to see orchids pretty much everywhere we


Happy Labor Day + Ciao for Now

Just wanted to write a quick update before I head to Italy for my honeymoon! As promised, I’ve given my blog a bit of a facelift. It’s officially a work in progress at this point, so there will be more changes once I return from my trip. I want to play around


A Few Updates: New Zazzle Products, Makeover Coming Soon, and Underwatered Orchids

Lots of things going on around here! I love lists, so I present you this post in a list format. New products in the Brooklyn Orchids Online Store: It’s been way too long since I last updated the products in my store, and I finally have some fun new things for saleā€”all