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Visiting Vandas in DC

Visiting Vandas in DC

In the coming weeks you may notice some tweaks to my site here and there, such as the new “subscribe” feature (thanks to Lindsey from punkadotamus.com for the suggestion!). In the box on sidebar you’ll see a box that says SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES. Enter your email address, click subscribe, and you’ll receive an email every time I publish a new post!

Now on to the main reason for this post: I’m happy to announce that you can now follow Brooklyn Orchids on a variety of social media networks! Obviously there are a million and one of these sites out there, but for now I’ve chosen the ones that I feel most comfortable with using (and have the most fun with, too!).

Facebook: Brooklyn Orchids (http://www.facebook.com/brooklynorchids)

Pinterest: BrooklynOrchids (http://www.pinterest.com/brooklynorchids/)

Instagram: BrooklynOrchids (http://instagram.com/brooklynorchids)

Twitter: @BrooklynOrchids (https://twitter.com/BrooklynOrchids)

My Twitter account has been rather…ahem…inactive as of late, but I’ll be working to remedy that.

You’ll also notice that I’ve added a Pinterest “Pin It” button to all of the images on my website. The button will appear when you hover over an image, and you can click it and pin it to any of your Pinterest boards! Speaking of Pinterest, I’m working on adding more content to my boards, but right now my own favorite boards are Orchids Terrariums + Display Cases and Whimsical Orchids.

Please do follow me on your favorite social networks for updates when I publish new blog posts and more fun orchid-related things (and probably pictures of cats, because they’re awesome)!

One last note: I’m playing around with some new features and ways of displaying things, so if you see anything weird please let me know! (Also, if you see ads  on my site that you hate please tell me the link and I may block them—last week I was getting served ads on my own website from a major religious organization. NO THANK YOU.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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This orchid has bloomed several times for me!

This orchid has bloomed several times for me!

I’m willing to bet that most orchid growers are introduced to the hobby through Phalaenopsis orchids (aka moth orchids) that are already in bloom. Phals are attractive houseplants even when they’re not in bloom, but let’s be honest: when was the last time you fell in love with an out-of-bloom Phal in the store and just had to have it?

With some basic care, it’s not hard to keep a Phal alive through its blooming cycle, but once those pretty blooms fade and you cut the flower spike, how do you get an orchid to bloom again? Too many people feel intimidated at the thought and just toss the “dead” plant away. Please, I beg of you: do not throw your no-longer-blooming orchid in the garbage! Getting an orchid to re-bloom can feel challenging, but once you get the hang of it and your orchid flowers again for you, it’s SO worth the bit of work you put in. You CAN get a healthy orchid to re-bloom! Here are the basics… Continue Reading »

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We orchid lovers just can’t get enough of our favorite flowers. Recently, I wrote about some of the orchid clothing that has begun to accumulate in my closet, and I now have a couple beautiful orchid accessories to add to my collection. New online jewelry company Koni Creations was kind enough to send me this lovely pair of Dendrobium Sonia earrings*, which were created by dipping orchid petals in resin:

Dendrobium Sonia Earrings by Koni Creations

Dendrobium Sonia Earrings by Koni Creations

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