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Last night my husband and I grabbed dinner from Whole Foods’ salad bar and then did some food shopping…and in their flower section I was surprised to find some orchids other than Phalaenopsis! There were so many gorgeous options that my food shopping totally derailed and I spent the rest of the time deciding which orchid to buy while my husband shopped. And then I wandered around the produce section gazing at my orchid pick while cradling it in my arms. I’m sure I looked like a Crazy Orchid Lady TM, which, let’s be honest, I am. Continue Reading »

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Wow…I’ve really been failing as a blogger lately. There’s been too much going on to keep up with regular posts here! The good news is that I currently have five Phals in bloom, three of which can be seen in this photo:


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I woke up this morning to a nice little surprise: my first Phal bloom of the year!

First bloom of 2014

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2014, orchid lovers! I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. My husband and I and some of our friends went to the New Year’s Eve bash at Brooklyn Winery and had a real blast!

Here’s some fun news: for 2014, Pantone has chosen Radiant Orchid as Color of the Year. The official press release says, “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

I have to be honest: I don’t love this color. I do love purple, but I prefer it in a darker shade with more blue in it; Radiant Orchid is a bit too pink for my taste. The simple fact that it’s named after my favorite flower may encourage me to try a couple Radiant Orchid-colored accessories, though. I know the whole “Color of the Year” thing is a marketing scheme, but hey, these Radiant Orchid-colored Phals have been all over the fashion and beauty blogs lately and seeing orchids in the news always makes me happy.

Completely coincidentally, the Vanda that I chose for the cover of my 2014 calendar has a bit of a Radiant Orchid tone. How’s that for a segue into saying that it’s not too late to get a Brooklyn Orchids calendar for yourself or a fellow orchid lover?

On a side note, two of my Phals in spike are now developing buds and a couple other Phal spikes are coming along nicely, so I should have some flowers to show off early this year!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014 for all. Cheers!

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IMG_4435Yes, it’s that time of year again…the time for shameless self-promotion. I’ve just added the 2014 Brooklyn Orchids calendar to my online store at Zazzle! The calendar includes 12 months of original orchid photos that I took at this year’s New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show, some of which you may recognize from my recap post.

The calendar costs $23.15—but Zazzle is having a sitewide sale through today where you can get 40% off 2014 calendar purchases (and other discounts for other items, too). Make sure you use the coupon code ITSWONDERFUL to get your discount on the calendar! If you aren’t able to order today, watch Zazzle for other holiday shopping coupon codes, because they do offer them quite a bit during gift shopping season. Happy shopping! :)

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Just about a month ago, I posted about a couple of my Phals that were beginning to spike. Well, when I was watering my orchids this week I found THREE more Phals with spikes starting to poke out!

The first is a pretty creamy white-and-burgundy harlequin Phal, whose spike has that telltale mitten shape:

Tiny spike beginning to peek out

Tiny spike beginning to peek out

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Fall Spikes in the House!

Ohhhh, I’ve been so terribly neglectful of you, my little orchid blog. Not only that, I’ve also been a bit neglectful of my actual orchids, which I feel even worse about. This summer and fall have been ridiculously busy, much more so than a typical few months for me. I had a period of time when I was only home on weekends a couple times within a couple months. For a homebody such as myself, that was pure insanity.

But I’ve finally been able to get some quality time at home and some quality time with my orchids. Now I’m excited to say that this weekend while watering I discovered not one, but TWO Phals with a spike! It’s definitely the right time of year for these to start appearing, with the cooler nighttime temperatures that we’ve been having in Brooklyn.

Spike # 1 is on my peloric Phal that I got at Home Depot several years ago. It spiked and bloomed a couple years in a row for me, but it didn’t bloom at all last year so I literally gasped with surprise when I spotted this burgeoning spike:

The little green nub on the left will be a spike!

The little green nub on the left will be a spike!

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Newlyweds at Comic-Con

I’ve been pretty bad about updating my blog this summer, because I’ve been busy doing a bunch of really fun things:

  • Going to San Diego Comic-Con
  • Celebrating my dad’s 75th birthday here in NYC
  • Enjoying a lovely weekend in the Finger Lakes
  • Traveling to Atlanta for a college friend’s wedding
  • Oh, and getting married!

Yeah, that’s right—I saved the best for last. Obviously this blog is about orchids, but because this corner of the internet is all mine, I’m going to be self-indulgent for a few minutes and talk about my own wedding.

Let me start by saying that I’ve NEVER been the girl who’s planned her dream wedding since she was little. I didn’t imagine a particular dress, a cake, bridesmaid dresses, a color scheme, music, flowers, walking down the aisle, wedding programs, place cards, wedding favors—none of it. Even listing out just some of the typical wedding planning details HERE feels overwhelming! Continue Reading »

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Black Orchid, national flower of Belize. Photo Credit: orchidsonline.com.au

My recent vacation to Jamaica (and my trip to Puerto Rico last year) inspired me to write this post about the types of orchids that are native to several popular (mostly tropical, of course!) tourist destinations. If you’re planning a trip to any of these locations, see if you can spot some native orchids while you’re there! I’ve only been to three of these places so far, but I hope to visit each of them at some point in my lifetime—and you can be I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for wild orchids. These lists are far from comprehensive but will give you an idea of what types of orchids you can look out for in each place.


Approximately 300 orchid species are native to this Central American country whose national flower is the Black Orchid: the Prosthechea cochleata (formerly known as Encyclia cochleata). Orchids from a variety of other species can also be found growing wild in Belize: Bletia purpurea, Catasetum integerrimum, Encyclia radiata, Epidendrum ibaguense, Isochilus carnosiflorus, Lycaste aromatica, Maxillaria hedwigae, Mormolyca ringens, Myrmecophila tibicinis, Notylia barkeri, Oeceoclades maculata, Oncidium altissimum, Oncidium sphacelatum, Sobralia macrantha, Trigonidium egertonianum , and Vanilla planifolia. Continue Reading »

There are limitless places on the interwebz where you can seek out information on how to care for orchids. Obviously if you’re reading this you’ve found one such destination, but reading multiple sources will help give you a deeper understanding of what to do with your favorite houseplants. I never rely on just one website when I’m researching what to do with my orchids. So I’d like to recommend another source for getting great, detailed tips and advice on orchid care: sign up for the free Orchids Made Easy newsletter! Ryan “The Orchid Guy” Levesque will bring tons of helpful orchid information straight to your inbox and it won’t cost you a dime.

Just some of the topics that Ryan’s newsletters covers are as follows:

  • How to get your orchid to rebloom
  • What to do do immediately after blooms drop
  • How to identify your orchids so that you can give them the proper care
  • The five most important things to do when you bring an orchid home
  • How to tell if you’re overwatering or underwatering your orchid
  • When and how often to fertilize your orchid
  • How to tell when you should repot your orchid
  • What yellow leaves mean and what to do about them
  • Find out what’s eating or damaging your plant and how to get rid of it

Click here to sign up for Ryan’s newsletter…and enjoy!

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